Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random thoughts while reflecting on the chart of PH

Parker Hannifin not only has a chart that is threatening all time highs (even as bears hope it is an ill-fated A-B-C upward correction scenario), but the division of PH that I deal with is doing good, brisk business. PH you will recall, tends to benefit from a weaker dollar.  This would be another sign of i2k12.

Other random thoughts from my vantage point in the real world:
  • Machine Tools - big ticket items selling in the $100k to $300k range are moving briskly.  This is not opinion, it is fact... right here in the real economy.
  • The shady silver pitch [wo]men are working the phones again.  I got a call the other day from some lady seeking to let me in on a big silver trade.  Her company is making a recommendation on silver and I can be part of it!  Ha ha ha...  I tried hanging up with a "thank you I am not interested..." and she keeps pitching and I am like "okay I am going to hang up now..." and she keeps yammering on and I let out a laugh and hung up.  The only question is from what levels are the boiler rooms going leave the unsuspecting victims holding the bag?
That's it for now I guess...


  1. You should have listened to her! Silver is up a buck! Maybe being a contrarian has become contrary to what was once contrarian.

  2. You'll be getting fed up with me, but when I read your comment re machine tools I thought 'hmmm'.

    This is more like what I have been expecting:

    Why would businesses think about spending more than they absolutely have to right now?