Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So predictable as to be comical (Fisher Jawbones Market)

It was mentioned previously that Huey, Dooey and Louie from the Fed have been trotted out periodically to soothe-say about QE when markets start looking too scary.  And when they start looking too frothy?  Why here's the head spook himself (I actually quite like Richard Fisher) poo poo'ing it.

What is annoying is how tightly these policy people seem to feel they need to box in the market and peoples' expectations.  There is a reason the rally has been so jagged, and I believe that reason has to do with the bracketing of expectations by the various powers that be.

Fed's Fisher on Monetary Policy, Stimulus Risks

Edit (12:51) Please accept my apology; I wrote this post so quickly that I don't think the point came across that the negative commentary by me was aimed at the MSM, which is more than happy to blow horn one message or its opposite on any given day.  Not what the IMO eminently sane Mr. Fisher has to say here, which I agree with on balance.

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  1. Thanks for embedding. Obviously an intelligent man who is very articulate. Don't seem to run into that very often.